Date Event Venue and Time
Monday 19 September 2016 The Common Lodging House in Victorian England - Liz Woolley
    The rapid industrialisation of England from the late 18th century onwards led to a massive migration of labour into the towns with its consequential demand for cheap accommodation.  The scandalous condition of the common lodging houses in London, which were frequently the resort of criminals and prostitutes, forced the introduction of government legislation in the 1850’s and again in 1894.  Liz lectures in Oxford and is an ex-pupil of St Clotilde’s here in Lechlade. Long Room, New Inn - 7:30pm
Monday 17 October 2016 27th Annual General Meeting  
    New and old members and guests welcome. Long Room, New Inn -
    Cirencester Town Hall – Conservation and Repairs 2008-12 - Malcolm James
    As MD of Character Conservation Ltd, Malcolm was closely involved in the conservation and repairs to Cirencester Town Hall that were completed in 2012.  This talk looks at the work and issues involved.  
Monday 21 November 2016 The Hill Forts of the Ridgeway  - Gary Lock
    Gary Lock is Emeritus Professor of Archaeology at University of Oxford.  He has specialised in the Iron Age and hill forts for many years and has been involved in archaeological excavation on the Ridgeway.  He is currently Director of the Atlas of Hill Forts of Britain and Ireland Project.
He currently lectures in Plant Sciences at Somerville College, Oxford.
Long Room, New Inn - 7:30pm
Monday 16 January 2017 The Vickers factory at South Marston - David Holden Pavilion - 7:30pm
    The story of the Vickers factory at South Marston.  Established in 1941 as a shadow aircraft factory for bomber construction, it became part of Vickers Armstrong by 1943 concentrating on the production of Spitfires.  Its final role was the production of hovercraft.  
Monday 20 February 2017  Norman Planted Towns - Peter Dawson  Pavilion - 7:30pm
    Peter was our Guide on our visit to Northleach last June and is the historian of the Northleach Historical Society.  This talk will look at the origins and role of the Norman ‘new’ or ‘planted’ towns (of which both Northleach and Wootton Bassett are examples).  Intended as part of the Norman administrative system, their aim was to provide the population with ready access to a market.  Also in the talk, Peter will explain the background to land holdings known as ‘burgage plots’  
Monday 20 March 2017 The Rise and Fall of the English Public House - Mike Marshman Pavilion - 7:30pm
    A look at this English institution from the Saxon taberna, via the mediaeval ale house, coaching inn, beer house and gin palace to the public house of the 20th and 21st centuries.  Mike is County Local Studies Librarian at the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre.  
Monday 24 April 2017 The Black Death Comes to England - Tim Porter Pavilion - 7:30pm
    Tim is an accomplished speaker with a vast repertoire of talks.  He has a particular passion for the mediaeval history.  This talk looks at the origins of the Black Death and its implications for the country.  
Monday 15 May 2017 Atkyns’ Gloucestershire - the County’s landscape 300 years ago - Alan Pilbeam

Pavilion - 7:30pm
    Sir Robert Atkyns 1647-1711 was an antiquary, topographer and MP, perhaps best known for his County History, ‘The ancient and present State of Gloucestershire’.  First published in 1712, this detailed study provides a unique insight into the Gloucestershire of 300 years ago.
Alan last spoke to us in 2013 on Old Paths and Trackways of Gloucestershire.
  June 2017 Evening visit   
    Details to follow.  
  July 2017 Evening visit   
    Details to follow.  
Monday 18 September 2017 Yesterday’s Runways - Bill King Pavilion - 7:30pm
    An outline of the development of our local wartime airfields, with illustrations of airfield archaeology and the memorials in place.  A regular and ever-popular speaker, Bill is also a member of Lechlade History Society.  
Monday 16 October 2017 28th Annual General Meeting Pavilion - 7:15pm
  New and old members and guests welcome.  
  Lechlade, Past and Present
    A dip into our own Society archives.  
Monday 20 November 2017 Fairford Park – a Lost Treasure - Chris Hobson Pavilion - 7:30pm
    Originally the home of the Raymond-Barker family, the Park became the site of an American military hospital during WWII and then a Polish re-settlement camp.  It was purchased in 1945(along with the ill-fated Coleshill House) by Ernest Cook, the grandson of Thomas Cook of travel agency fame.  He tried unsuccessfully to sell the House to the National Trust, and it was subsequently acquired by Gloucestershire County Council.  The House was demolished in 1955 and the site is now occupied by Farmors School.  Chris is a local historian and a Committee Member of Fairford History Society.