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Proposed L.H.S. PROGRAMME until November 2022

(Last updated December 2021)

Date Event Venue and Time
Monday 17 January 2022 The Cotswold Canal: past, present & future - Brian Stanley Memorial Hall - 7:30pm
    A journey through the history of the two waterways that make up the Cotswold Canals considering the influences, past and present, of recreating the 36 mile link between the Rivers Severn and Thames.  
Monday 21 February 2022 The Great Stink! Engineers, sewerage and the Victorian battle against dirt - Tom Crook
Memorial Hall - 7:30pm
    How did we get from the cesspools of the medieval period to the sewerage systems of today? The answer owes a lot to the engineering ingenuity and ambition of the Victorians. As Britain's towns and cities put on ever more demographic weight during the nineteenth century, it was they who found the solution in the building of vast, hyper-complex subterranean systems and outfall works. We have come to take these systems for granted, but we shouldn't - the Victorians struggled long and hard, amid numerous failed experiments, before they eventually settled on the infrastructure we rely on today    
Monday 21 March 2022 The Royal Progress through Gloucestershire in 1535 - Alan Pilbeam Memorial Hall - 7:30pm
    For five weeks in the summer of 1535 Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn and their first minister, Thomas Cromwell, travelled through Gloucestershire. We know where they stayed, something of their personal interests, and of the opportunities available to them on the progress, we also know what happened in the months following, which included the dissolution of the monasteries. In this illustrated talk we will link these different themes and view some of the landscape features associated with the progress.  
Monday 25 April 2022 A Journey to Barbados & Demerara and back in 1803 - Peter Covey-Crump Memorial Hall - 7:30pm
    Nathan Lucas FLS kept a diary of his nine month journey to South America and back in 1803. The outward journey to Barbados took 51 days and the return took 70 days. His purpose was to visit his cotton plantation in Demerara where he stayed two months, and, as a keen naturalist, he described the flora and fauna there. The talk is illustrated with plates from Capt J G Stedmanís visit to Surinam in 1772-77 and other contemporary images.  
Monday 23 May 2022 Lines in the Landscape: Decoding Boundaries - by Dr Simon Draper Memorial Hall - 7:30pm
    Dr Simon Draper will explore the rich archaeology and history of the boundaries that exist in our local landscape, from those of manors and parishes to hundreds, shires and Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. He will also examine how boundaries were marked, both physically and mentally through the ritual of 'beating the bounds'.  
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Monday 19 September 2022 RAF Brize Norton Ė Over 80 years of flying operations - by Trevor Jackson Memorial Hall - 7:30pm
    The talk covers the beginning of the stationís life back in 1937 in the lead up to World War Two and continues throughout the war and its role within that conflict. It then moves on to the post war period and then the Cold War and the arrival of the US Air Force strategic bombers and the impact that had on the station. The departure of the Americans saw the base revert to use by the Royal Air Force and it became the main air transport hub for the United Kingdom. We will also cover the gradual changes of the different aircraft types that have become a common sight across West Oxfordshire over the years and their use across various conflicts across the decades to the present day.  
Monday 17 October 2022 Mapping Hillforts: the Atlas project - Professor Gary Lock Memorial Hall - 7:30pm
    Hillforts are the most iconic monument of the later prehistoric period and occur across all of the United Kingdom and Ireland. There have been many attempts at counting, classifying and mapping these sites which have raised many problems. This talk will outline the history of mapping hillforts and then describe the work and some results of the Atlas of Hillforts of Britain and Ireland Project. This major project has resulted in the first online atlas of hillforts at such a scale and has established a new era of hillfort research and interest.  
Monday 21 November 2022 32nd Annual General Meeting Memorial Hall - 7:30pm
    New and old members and guests welcome.  

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